“We offer exceptional care to our patients and are always looking for unique and innovative technologies that will improve our patients’ experience and distinguish our practice.  We were anxious to offer MEDiTM to our patients and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The social media attention  we received from having MEDi in the office has led to two new families coming to our practice within the first three months."

Dr. Richard Olin, Principal of the Olin Dental Group

Customers put MEDi in books

“We’ve been testing the MEDiTM robots at the Alberta Children's Hospital for almost three years, and it has become quite clear that this technology significantly improves the health care experience for our young patients and their parents and caregivers. We are fortunate to have access to the first robots in Canada specifically programmed to help children manage painful or stressful medical procedures. It’s a useful – and very cool – technology.”

Margaret Fullerton, VP Alberta Children's Hospital