What parents are saying:

"When MEDi welcomed my 7 year-old and called her by name, a huge smile went across her face with wide eyes of amazement. I knew she forgot she was about to have her first cavity filled. I think I liked him as much as she did.

"My son really liked the robot and told his dad all about his interaction with the robot - unless you were aware, you probably wouldn't have gleaned from his telling that a needle was involved in his interaction.  He also said he had wished he could have seen the robot walk! Regarding the shot more specifically, he did say at bedtime that he thought maybe it hurt a little bit but that the thought the robot was a great help and he wants to have the robot for every needle until he's a grown-up".

"My son told his grandparents and family doctor about the positive experience he had with the robot and that he did not even feel the flu shot being administered. He was quite anxious and teary when we left school and at the hospital prior to being called in to the room - so for it to be totally turned around and the end result a happy child and no tears or drama, was a real plus for us."

"That's the smoothest IV start we've had in the last 2 years!"

"My daughter has commented about her positive experience to a friend and talked about her interaction with MEDi. Then on Monday she told her school classmates, and their parents were asking me how they could have their children vaccinated with MEDi." 

“MEDi welcomed Hannah by name and I watched as her apprehension dissipated.  Her smile and wide eyes of amazement showed that she had forgotten she was about to have her very first cavity filled. She told her friends about the magical robot. I liked MEDi just as much as Hannah. ”

“As a parent, I can attest personally to the significant impact that MEDi has had on both my children in improving coping and reducing distress for medical procedures.  Although I had limited success, my child willingly followed MEDi’s guidance and learned the skill of deep breathing to cope with what had been a distressful procedure.” PhD and Registered Psychologist ​

What professionals are saying:

“We have been testing the MEDi robots here for almost four years and it has become quite clear that this technology significantly improves the health care experience for our young patients and their parents and caregivers.”                       Margaret Fullerton, Vice President Alberta Children’s Hospital

“I have seen children smile, laugh and hug their parents after a few moments with MEDi whereas previously they were crying and screaming in anger, sadness and frustration.” 

Child Life, Alberta Children's Hospital

“A 5 year-old refused to get out of bed and was getting bed sores and rashes.  She did agree to play with MEDi on the floor.  This allowed staff to change the bedding and set it up properly.  She even forgot about her tubes and moved her arms and body.  It was like magic.”    
Child Life, Alberta Children’s Hospital

“MEDi is a huge asset for our private practice and will be for the hospital as well.  MEDi distracts the children, lowers their anxiety and pain perception and instills the confidence to return to the dental office.  We use MEDi with children and adults all day long. The social media attention we received from having MEDi in the office has led to two new families coming to our practice within the first three months.”          
Dr. Richard Olin, President Olin Dental Group  

"He enhances the care we give. Child Life interacting with him, him interacting with the children, the parent's excitement, it all helps to focus the child on Chip rather than the medical procedure that is happening.   Watching a child sit still and smile through a blood test or IV start because Chip was there makes my job a whole lot easier.   Chip isn’t here to replace me but to make my care of the child more efficient and fun!"
Maria Malcolm, Child Life Specialist Chinook Regional Hospital